Who I am and my story

Davide Carrera was born in Turin on 25 December 1975.

He begins to freedive as a child in Liguria, where he spent the summers, and falls in love with the Sea.

During winters he practice swimming at a competitive level in Turin.

At  the age of 14, he is interested in yoga reading books and experiencing various techniques of relaxation and breathing, always seeking contact with nature, preferring sea work or mountain rides and forests, also loves windsurfing and sailing, at the age of 20 sailing will become his job, working like skipper in the Mediterranean and various transoceanic transfers.

At 18 he knows Umberto Pelizzari and becomes his assistant during trainings and apnea records.

In 1996, he won the first World Championship in Nice with the Italian national team.

In 1998 he is part of the World Championship staff in Sardinia.

In 2001 he won again the World Championship by team in Ibiza with the Italian national team and

after a month establishes the World Record in free immersion with -91 meters in Capri (Naples).

In 2002 and 2003 he devoted much more to Yoga by spending several months in

India in Mysore schools.

In 2004 he participated in various International Competitions, but he is no longer interested only in performances, but from the deep contact with the Sea and inner search, so he buys a 28 feet trimaran sailboat and begins a solitary wandering across the Mediterranean, (Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Greece, Turkey, Balearic Islands), living on fishing and spending time between freediving, sailing and observing Nature.

In 2008 he felt the need to get closer to the society and the competitions again and participate in the World Championship by team in Egypt.

In 2009, he established the Italian National Record with -99 meters in the Bahamas during "Vertical Blue 2009" and during the summer is contacted by Thierry Donard, director of "La Nuit De La Glisse" for the movie "Instant" Released in November 2009 in France and 46 other countries around the world.

Since 2010, the CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities) reinserts the depth disciplines in competitions and Davide is called by the Italian Federation to become part of the apnea national team again.

In 2012 he participated in another Film of www.nuitdelaglisse.com titled "Pushing the Limits".

In 2013 he established three Italian Records with -101, -103 and -93 meters in various disciplines, during Vertical Blue at the Bahamas.

In 2014, it established a new CMAS World Record in Salina, with -94 meters in constant weight.

In 2015 he participates in various international competitions with good placements. He also participates in the Film "Momentum", www.momentumfreediving.com and at "Do not crack under pressure" by  La Nuit de la Glisse.

In 2016, he won the Carribean Cup in Roatan by establishing two new Italian records with -106 and -107 meters,

On 2 July he wins the French Championship in Nice,  an "Open" competition, open to foreign athletes and not only to the French.

On September 2  he established the new CMAS World Record with -111 meters in constant weight in Cagliari during a comp in memory of a friend, "Fabrizio Accorte". On September 17th he won the Italian Championships in Ustica.

From September 20 to 27, she took part in the movie "Do not crack under pressure-season two" in Tahiti with images of the Whales (he is in love with :-))

At the beginning of October in Turkey, he finishes the title of World Champion, having placed himself in the first place, is disqualified for exulting before ending the surface protocol, touching the judge's head with a hundredth of a second delay, but also This teaches him to "letting go" and becomes even stronger.

In 2017 he established two new National Records with -114 in constant weight and -75 in no fins, during Vertical Blue at the Bahamas, dropping to second place in constant weight discipline.

The Motivation that push him is to promote the Love for Sport and Nature, as an Inner Search Way, Thanks to the Freedom and Peace donated by the contact with the Sea.

He is constantly engaged taking part in competitions, TV show, films, interviews and organizing courses in Italy and abroad.

Davide Carrera